Free 3D Video Maker for Windows 10


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Free 3D Video Maker is a free tool for creating 3D movies. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, which contains only the necessary features to support video processing for three-dimensional image. Free 3D Video Maker is designed for anyone who intends to try your hand at editing or when you convert to 3D image. The program will also find many useful filters to create a three-dimensional image. Thanks to them, we can change the color of the film (dark, light), and even improve their quality while maintaining color balance of the original image. To create a video in three dimensions, add two identical video clips on the left and right side of the screen and then press responsible for the conversion to 3D image. The application configuration options you can choose the right video codec, enable the display aspect ratio and the individual lines of the video frame, adjust the image to the center and open a recently launched video files. It is worth noting that we can also create a 3D movie play on the Free 3D Video Maker. So you quickly see if the video was properly processed. Please note that to view a three-dimensional film is required to have special glasses designed for this technology.